National Mammal Atlas

A National Mammal Atlas is available from The Mammal Society.  Users can add records or view information.   Mammal Tracker Apps are available for mobile recording and reporting from the iPhone store or for Android devices.

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Leafsnap UK – Leaf Recognition App

An free iPhone App Leafsnap UK has been developed by the Natural History Museum in collaboration with US teams. The app uses ‘leaf recognition technology’ to identify trees from users iPhone leaf photos and then adds the images and their geographical locations to the Leafsnap research database. More information was provided on the launch of the app recently.

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Orchard Mapping and Ground-Truthing App

Traditional Orchard Habitat Maps from the People’s Trust for Endangered Species Traditional Orchard Survey can be viewed on the Trust’s website

There are separate maps for Traditional orchards and Marginal sites together with a combined map. Red dots indicate sites that have been ground-truthed and blue dots indicate where ground-truthing is still required.

Members of the public can download a Smart Phone App to allow them to provide more information for the maps, either by ground truthing an existing site, adding a new site or providing information about their own orchard.

More information about volunteering information is available here.

The Traditional Orchard Survey is a good example of how new technology in the form of Smart phone Apps and on-line maps can bring information to the public and enable the public to collect good quality information to further scientific knowledge of natural habitats.

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British Library release includes map images

A variety of map images have been identified in the recent release of a million images by the British Library.

More information is about the British Library release of images is available from

A large number of the maps are visible at

Some may provide resources for studying and visualising past landscapes and cityscapes.

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VISUALISATION two hundred years ago: Humphrey Repton’s image of Wentworth BEFORE landscaping

VISUALISATION two hundred years ago: Humphrey Repton's image of Wentworth BEFORE landscaping

Humphrey Repton, landscape designer, 1752-1818 became famous for producing high quality watercolour images of before and after his landscaping proposals. These images show Wentworth, South Yorkshire as it was and how it could look if his plans were implemented. The before images had a paper flap that could be opened to reveal the proposed improvements to the landscape, such as the addition of a lake. Picture source: Wikimedia Commons

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Wentworth AFTER proposed landscaping

Wentworth AFTER proposed landscaping

Repton’s view of how it could look, with landscaping and a lake. Picture source: Wikimedia Commons

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Smart Cities – smart courses

Smart Cities - smart courses

New Smart Cities masters courses at CASA, UCL

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